Credit Lines Without the Inordinate Costs

Looking for a reliable line of business credit? You’ve found one through us here at Ebbtide Commercial Funding. Throughout our many collective years in business, we’ve seen plenty of potential customers turned off from securing credit products simply because of the high prices they had to pay. Whether it’s through having to pay an insanely high interest rate to being forced to give up valuable business assets as collateral, several people see such requirements and wonder of the benefit justifies the sacrifice.

Why Choose Us as Your Credit Provider?

It’s for this reason that we have structured our credit products to offer you as many advantages as possible. First off, all of our credit lines are unsecured, meaning that you don’t have to put up any collateral. Yet even without collateral, we’re able to offer outstanding rates. That’s because we don’t offer sub-prime credit products. If you’re approved, you can rest assured you’re getting an outstanding rate.

Our credit line offer several unique advantages such as:

  • 0 percent introductory offers
  • Rates at 1-5 percent over prime on larger lines
  • An expedited pre-qualification process
  • Low cost credit checks

Depending on the size and stage of your company, we can offer you a credit line anywhere between $25,000 AND $500,000.

You can trust that our unsecured business lines of credit will give you the security that you’ve been looking for without having to pay an inordinate price. To learn more about this and the other products that we offer, contact one of our commercial finance experts today.