Add Order to Your Order-Filling Process

Do you ever what it might be like to not have to be stuck in the cycle of filling the same client orders over and over again? When you work in pre-sold goods, that’s often what happens. Having a large clientele typically means having little left over to grow your business after fulfilling your obligations to them. Imagine how much as quick infusion of cash could help you break out of such a cycle. That’s exactly what we at Ebbtide Commercial Funding have to offer.

Take Advantage of Purchase Order Financing

Through our Purchase Order Financing program, you can use your in-progress PO’s as collateral to get the money needed to:

  • Ensure delivery of large orders on time
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Take on newer, larger orders that can be filled simultaneously

We can offer you assistance to help complete projects already in progress or consummate import-export transactions with the help of Letters of Credit and other lending tools. Aside from allowing you the money needed to grow your business in the here and now, purchase order financing allows you added funds without impacting your traditional borrowing capacity.

Don’t allow the stress that comes with completing your purchase orders continue to plague you. Take advantage of our Purchase Order Financing program and give yourself the chance to grow your business and expand your influence. For more information on how this unique funding tool can help your company, contact us today.