The Financial Help that Healthcare Providers Need

The stress that can come from running a medical practice are enough to put any doctor into his or her own treatment chair. Ensuring that your patients have access to top-of-the-line care often requires a significant financial investment. Unfortunately, it seems that whenever funds are funneled to a certain area of a clinic, other operations begin to suffer. Imagine no longer having such concerns, and instead only having to stress yourself about the healthy choices and well-being of your patients. Such a benefit is possible thanks to the lending tools we at Ebbtide Commercial Funding offer through our Medical and Healthcare Financing programs.

Financing for Any Healthcare Application

Our financing packages can help to jump start or revitalize your career in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary or chiropractic treatment by helping you get the money needed to:

  • Establish a clinic to buy into an existing practice
  • Consolidate all of the debt linked to your education
  • Expand your clinic to offer another specialty service

We can also get you working capital if you’re simply in need of a little help in meeting your overhead costs. You can secure financing of up to $75,000 based off your application alone, or $250,000 if you’re able to provide us with full financial data.

Make the monetary concerns that come with your health care career a thing of the past by securing financing or working capital through our Healthcare and Medical Financing programs. Doing so helps ensure the continued health and safety of your patients. Call to learn more details about these exciting financing options today.