Build Your Base With Consumer Financing

Ebbtide Commercial Funding is proud to offer a consumer financing program to help businesses grow and reach their full potential. We offer flexible payment and credit card options that can assist businesses of all sizes with building a customer base.

Why It Matters

There are many advantages to having a consumer finance program. Some of the major ones include increased brand awareness and strong customer loyalty, as well as a higher likelihood of repeat business. Additionally, by offering a wider selection of financing options, you can attract customers who otherwise would not be able to purchase your products, growing your client base.

Business Benefits

Without our program, both consumers and businesses stand to benefit. A few of the main advantages of our consumer finance program include:

  • Quick responses and decisions
  • Excellent support
  • Useful training solutions
  • Fast program enactment
  • E-signature capabilities
  • Bad debt collection

Your customers can also benefit from our program through its increased convenience and easy application processing. We offer revolving credit line access and financial services that are both secure and dependable; plus, they’ll have the ability to make payments over time instead of all at once.

Contact Us

Our trained, fully certified professionals are ready and willing to give your business a boost. Contact us today to learn more about our consumer financing programs or to receive an application.